Monday, April 26, 2010

Common Sense Advice..... :)

I was doing some sewing this morning and broke a needle...a VERY common thing at my house!! I sew over pins, forget to change my needle, etc, etc...
However, it made me think of some advice my Granni and I got from a sewing friend of hers.
My Granni recently bought a quilting machine, and I was over learning how to use it and prep it and stuff like that, and the lady that was giving the lessons looked at us and said, you DO know how to keep your needles from breaking, don't you?!?!
We were so excited...thinking we were going to learn some great new tricks and get some advice we'd never known....she told us;

Don't Sew Over Pins!!!

it makes me laugh...this is something that we all know, but I rarely do...sometimes it's those common sense things that hit home hardest, eh?!?!

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