Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bed Bags

As I was looking at projects across the blogger world the past week, I came across this site... I thought that this bag was a super cute idea, but didn't agree with putting one on the crib, (personal opinion!) however, I realized that they would be great for my older kids on their beds!!!
My kids have medical sleeping conditions, so sleep is always a fight at our house. To help with this, a long time ago we took EVERYTHING except for
books and 2-3 lovies out of my kids' room...but it was always 'where do these things go'?

I started out by getting out my scrap bucket...
Then I let my son go at it with the colors. He picked out the colors for him and for his sister...he's actually quite good at color matching. He's my best partner when fabric shopping if my mom and Granni aren't around :) :)

Here is my daughter's finished bag with nothing in it, and my son's finished bag packed almost as full as it can get :)

Now there' s a nice place to put these few things that they're allowed to have! Thanks for the super cute idea!

This was also one of my STF projects...only 8 more!!!