Friday, April 30, 2010

House Warming Gift

I saw this cutest little wreath on a fun blog as I was blog-surfing around the internet... It's from a site called V and Co. and it's too cute. She has some super cute tutorials over there that are easy to follow and fun to create. I decided that I wanted to try this one, and what better way to try something out than to make it for my best bud since she's moving into a new apartment next week...I just loved making it, and it turned out better than I thought :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Perfect Intentions...

As I was playing with my kids yesterday, I had this GREAT idea for a cute summer skirt for my baby girl pop into my mind. So, I quickly got out a paper bag (to make a pattern) and got to work...

After about 20 minutes or making calculations, drawing pictures, and cutting out decals for it, I was ready to cut and sew!

So, i cut, ironed, pined, and sewed for about an hour - getting it all perfect and just the way I wanted it...then I pulled my daughter to me to try it on her and then...

BABY DIAPER BUM got in the way!!!

It made me laugh because I had just finished talking about it before I made the pattern, and still didn't include it in my pattern making... Clearly, my daughter is not meant for pencil skirts!

So, this absolutely adorable skirt that I spent so much time working on will be going to Cousin Ava...cause she's so skinny and barely has a bum worth mentioning :) :) :)
As soon as it's completely finished, I'll take some pictures of it on Cousin and post them...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Summer Fun Skirt

My little princess LOVES dresses and skirts. In fact, when i ask her in the morning if she wants to wear a dress or pants she 95% of the time will say "dress!!" However, she's super tall and has what we like to call "Polynesian bum"...a large tuchus :) but it's super cute!! So, dresses that we find in the store are usually too short for her, and if we do find one that's long enough in the front, it's often too short in the back. Lucky for her, she has a mom that knows how to sew :) :) :)

I found this cute pattern for a skirt called "The Market Skirt" here, and made a few minor adjustments for my baby girl; like no pockets, longer and wider pieces (I like the ruffled look) and had at it! My daughter just loves it, and wants to wear it all the time. Guess I'm going to have to make some more!

She just adores modeling her dresses, so she asked me to take a picture of her in her "pretty"!!

This was also one of my STF projects....I am on a ROLL!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bed Bags

As I was looking at projects across the blogger world the past week, I came across this site... I thought that this bag was a super cute idea, but didn't agree with putting one on the crib, (personal opinion!) however, I realized that they would be great for my older kids on their beds!!!
My kids have medical sleeping conditions, so sleep is always a fight at our house. To help with this, a long time ago we took EVERYTHING except for
books and 2-3 lovies out of my kids' room...but it was always 'where do these things go'?

I started out by getting out my scrap bucket...
Then I let my son go at it with the colors. He picked out the colors for him and for his sister...he's actually quite good at color matching. He's my best partner when fabric shopping if my mom and Granni aren't around :) :)

Here is my daughter's finished bag with nothing in it, and my son's finished bag packed almost as full as it can get :)

Now there' s a nice place to put these few things that they're allowed to have! Thanks for the super cute idea!

This was also one of my STF projects...only 8 more!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Common Sense Advice..... :)

I was doing some sewing this morning and broke a needle...a VERY common thing at my house!! I sew over pins, forget to change my needle, etc, etc...
However, it made me think of some advice my Granni and I got from a sewing friend of hers.
My Granni recently bought a quilting machine, and I was over learning how to use it and prep it and stuff like that, and the lady that was giving the lessons looked at us and said, you DO know how to keep your needles from breaking, don't you?!?!
We were so excited...thinking we were going to learn some great new tricks and get some advice we'd never known....she told us;

Don't Sew Over Pins!!!

it makes me laugh...this is something that we all know, but I rarely do...sometimes it's those common sense things that hit home hardest, eh?!?!

Friday, April 23, 2010

STF Project DONE!!!

This is the diaper bag that I made for my sister-in-law who just had her baby! He is very cute, btw...

It was one of my STF projects, so I'm on my way :) :) :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another one!!!

Sherbet Blossom is having a kick-behind give-away over on their's for some of the coolest jewelry I have ever seen...and want VERY badly :) Such a great idea to have a "celebrating motherhood series"...I love it...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring to Finish...

Over at Tallgrass Prairie Studio, they are having a "Spring to Finish" Challenge...
I love when she does this, because it gives me the little kick in the behind that I need to get things done that are almost done, but not quite finished!!
So, if you have any unfinished projects, and would like to join in the fun, hop on over and sign up :)
I have listed my projects for the challenge on my side-bar...hope I make it this time!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Head Start...

I thought I'd get an early start on my summer projects...
My daughter is a 4th of July baby, so I always make her something fun to wear....this is this year's dress...Hopefully she doesn't out-grow it by then!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Naturally Meg :)

My dear friend Meg is being featured over at Sherbet Blossom...
She is such a clever person and makes some of the most adorable creations you have ever seen!! They are having a give-away of one of her trees right's definitely worth the time to go over and check them out!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Awesome Giveaway

JJ Cole bags are awesome - if you haven't seen them, you should totally check them out.

Sherbet Blossom is having a give-away on their site for a JJCole definitely need to go enter :)


I started this quilt WAY too long ago than I'd like to admit...but it's finally finished!
I started it because I wanted something girlie for my daughter's 'Big-Girl-Bed', but not too girlie. Then I thought I had finished it and was going to put a border around it, and my mom talked me out of it (thanks mom), so I had to find more black and pink to do a few more rows.
Then I let my daughter pick out a back, then shipping it to my mother for quilting (again, thanks mom!).
She got it back to me, and then to decide on a binding...plain black...and of COURSE I didn't have the fabric store! Finally, after she's been in a big bed almost 4 is FINISHED!!!!!
She didn't like it at first, but now drags it around the house...everywhere. It's nice to finally have a quilt on her bed that fits :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Treaters

As I was blog-browsing the other day I came across this super cute website called "Creative Holiday Gift Ideas" and saw this super cute idea for Easter...

So, I changed a few things, and made them...
They're called Easter Bunny S'mores...and they're just cute as a button! My kids REALLY enjoyed helping me put them together - especially eating the extras!