Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fixed Living Room Curtains!

So, we have always had curtains in our house, but they've always needed a little TLC. I finally had the time to give them what they needed...

AFTERIt's nice, because now my kids can't pull on them just by sitting down...and the ribbons keep them closed at night so people can't sneak-a-peek :)


Atwood Ohana said...

Oh goodness...where do I begin? I love the 1-piece pattern dress! And Navi's fish quilt you made! And the curtains look great after making your adjustments! You are amazing! And I am going to try make some felt flowers now too. You inspire me! You are just so dang talented. We need to play!!! Our kids would LOVE that!

Christina said...

They look great and I love the ties to keep them closed- what a great idea!