Tuesday, November 3, 2009

BIG bag

Yesterday while checking my favorite blogs, I saw this super cute tutorial for this bag...It's actually not a very hard pattern at all...just takes some time. You can check out the tutorial here.

So, I decided to try one. It was just a 'prototype', so I just used button holes instead of grommets and webbing instead of cording... I decided not to get all the "official" stuff until I decided if I was going to make more of them or not!
This bag is HUGE!!!!
And I am not exaggerating...it really is a huge bag! I am sitting here trying to decide what I could possibly use it for because it's that big...
Then I thought of all the celebs that carry around their stupid dogs in their carriers...so I put my "puppy" into my bag...she fits perfectly!!!
She is 15 months old...so that'll tell you how big the bag is. I was even able to pick her up and put her on my shoulder for a 'stroll' around the house!So, if you need a super big bag...here's one to try :)


Christina said...

Hahaha too funny!

Meg said...

Ahhh that's too funny! That would have been a great Halloween costume!