Monday, November 8, 2010


Yes, I know....I have not posted for almost a month! I have a REALLY good excuse...and part of it is just laziness :)
I recently found a company that I decided to work for called Guy and Eva (see my side bar button). Anyway, they're a jewelry company, and it's been a blast!!!
However, because of this, I haven't been sewing as much! Once I get the hang of everything and things calm down, I'll be back. I have, in fact, been making super cute bags for my parties, and will be posting some pictures of those soon.
So, check out my Guy and Eva site (just fun to look at!) and I"ll be back soon :) :) :)

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Katie :o) said...

I thought of you just this morning and wondered what you were up to :o) Fun to see you at the top of my blogroll tonight! And I am very glad all is well.