Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ribbon Quilt

I feel like I am on a ROLL!!! Here is another finish that I have. I actually made this quilt about 18 months ago when my husband was in Japan for 3 months...needed something to do. Each square has 1-4 pieces of RIBBON on it. It was super fun to make, and allowed the creative juices to flow :) :)
I quilted it up on Granni's quilting machine
(another one to practice on) and bound it. My daughter now won't let it out of her sight...good thing it was for her to begin with!


Katie :o) said...

What a cute quilt! Doncha love it when a kiddo claims a new quilt so quickly? :o)

Amy said...

Love the quilt! And whoever was holding it up for you in this picture did an AWESOME job, heh heh heh...