Thursday, March 3, 2011

I won this......

I signed up for a pay-it-forward over at Scrap Happens! I was super excited and thought I'd get a cute something. I got MORE than a cute something!!!!
Rhonda contacted me and asked if I had a daughter, and for her I gave her the information and THIS is what I got!!!!!It's a mini-photo album!!! And these pictures do NOT do it justice.... My little princess is in heaven and talks all day long about her Princess Castle and can't wait to get to hold it each day. She tried to sneak it into her bed the first night she had it! I can't wait to put pictures in it and let her have it!
I am truly amazed by the talent, and generosity of Rhonda...and had to share my amazing prize :) :)


Rhonda Emery said...

I am so glad she loved it. tell her thank you for the cute thank you card she made for me love it I will keep it for ever. Hugs

Meg said...

JaiCi - I miss seeing what you've been up to! I hope that you guys are doing good!