Friday, September 10, 2010


I don't know why, but I just LOVE Halloween! So, I have already started getting all my decorations ready for our house. I love doing TONS of decorations, because it makes my kids happy to see and help :) This year, I saw a room in a magazine that had just a TON of Halloween-related words all over the I"m totally trying that this year!!!
I am starting with these fun box letters..... I couldn't find any SINGLE color that worked for the letters, so I mixed up green and purple since they ARE Halloween colors. They are just paper mache boxes covered in Halloween paper and letters mod podged on!! Super easy.....
Now, to find a place to put them :)


Barb said...

Cute, so what else have you put up?

Michelle said...

I love how they came out! So cute! I need to get some words together for my house! I never thought about the word "spooky".